Creative Paint Ideas for Girls Bedroom

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A girl’s bedroom often serves many functions beyond sleep. It is a place for friends to gather, a work space and a fortress of solitude. Jazz up your girl’s bedroom’s aesthetic appearance with painting the wall. This is one of the quickest ways to dramatically update a plain bedroom. When painting a girl’s bedroom, it’s important to let her personality shine through, but girls will be girls, and no matter what they like, they may well change their minds next month or next year. Some sort of flexibility is imperative. Fortunately, there are some paint ideas for girls bedroom that you can opt for. Utilizing one or more of these paint ideas for girls bedroom may set your imagination free on a journey of painting that results in years worth of happiness.

cute paint ideas for girls bedroom  Cute Paint Ideas For Girls Bedroom

Fun Paint Ideas for Girls Bedroom

You can create a tropical feel with paint ideas for girls bedroom. By using bold, bright, tropic-inspired colors such as green, orange and pink. Alternate wall and/or trim color, or choose one wall color and one trim from among tropical colors. Use paint to incorporate an art deco look in the room. Paint the wall using a flat or matte white paint, and use a semi-gloss or gloss black paint for the trim. This basic but bold paint scheme works well with boldly-colored room accents. The palette works well in girls’ rooms because the colors go with a variety of other colors and is easily adaptable to a girl’s changing decorating style. Zebra prints, bright reds, pinks and greens work well with black and white paint choices. Avoid using black as the base color for the room because it is difficult to evenly apply black paint, and the dark color choice makes rooms look smaller.

paint ideas for girls bedroom muralsPaint Ideas For Girls Bedroom Murals

Another paint ideas for girls bedroom is murals. Paint a mural in a girl’s room for a nontraditional look. Murals of landscapes or favorite destinations may create a relaxing mood to a room. Sketch the mural idea using a light pencil before beginning the painting process. Allow the room occupant to paint her own mural in the room for a more personal touch. For room with limited or no windows, paint a mural of a window overlooking a scenic landscape. Consider putting this mural near a desk, computer or homework space for a relaxing visual. Paint clouds on the ceiling of a girl’s room or use glow-in-the-dark paint to make stars that shine at night.

Paint a mood wall for an adolescent or teen-aged girl. A mood wall can change with her moods. You paint a large border on one wall in her room in a color that complements the other colors in her room. She agrees to keep the paint intact on three of her four walls, but may do whatever she likes with her mood wall, including hang up posters, affix removable decals and even paint designs of her own with other colors. This allows her the freedom of expression, and means only one wall in the room will require a complete paint job when her tastes change.

stripes paint ideas for girls bedroomStripes Paint Ideas For Girls Bedroom

Or you can use a variety of paint colors and application techniques to create patterns in a girl’s room. Create stripes, boxes and accent lines using painter’s tape. Horizontal and vertical stripes strategically placed in a room direct the eye around the room and create focal points. Create a two-dimensional headboard behind a girl’s bed using painted stripes. Use stencils to make more intricate patterns such as paisley, damask, floral or other designs that are difficult to paint freehand. Use painting tools or faux finish techniques to create more difficult patterns, such as combing patterns, crackle paint or metallic paint designs. Well, these just a few paint ideas for girls bedroom. You can surf another ideas in the internet and magazine. After all, go creative and don’t forget to let your girls participate in decorating their own rooms.
cute paint ideas for girls bedroom paint ideas for girls bedroom murals stripes paint ideas for girls bedroom

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