Easy and Inexpensive Painting Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

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Bedrooms are very personalized rooms. In a house, the bedrooms of kids may not reflect the overall decorative scheme due to this personalization. There are many ways to personalize a bedroom for children through using paint. Paint is hands-down the cheapest way of changing, brightening up or customizing your kids’ bedroom walls. This simple decorating idea also is relatively easy and cheap to change when your child outgrows it. However, consider his/her color preferences, interests and how long he/she is likely to want to stay with colors. For the options, there are several painting ideas for kids bedrooms that you can opt to go. Do creativity with these painting ideas for kids bedrooms and make you kids feel like they has a space of their own.

adorable painting ideas for kids bedrooms Adorable Painting Ideas For Kids Bedrooms

Creativity with Easy and Inexpensive Painting Ideas for Kids Bedrooms

Kids love color. Let your child pick the color he wants for his room. If you’re worried he will pick a color that will be extremely hard to paint over, such as black, you have a couple of painting ideas for kids bedrooms. Offer a range of choices and let your child pick the one she likes best within those pre-approved choices. Alternately, instead of painting the entire room in the chosen color, pick one accent wall and paint only that wall, leaving the other walls white (or another neutral shade). Instead of a solid color, paint such patterns as thick vertical stripes, or paint the walls only up to a certain level. Be aware that patterns require more time and thought. Unless you’re aiming for a rough, primitive effect, you will need to draw and mask off the pattern’s borders carefully, so they are straight (see Resources). Create a design with such patterns as big or small polka dots, cheetah spots or zebra stripes. Use a feather duster for a rippled, two-tone effect.

chalkboard painting ideas for kids bedroomsChalkboard Painting Ideas For Kids Bedrooms

And another yet one of the easiest painting ideas for kids bedrooms is to paint flowers on the walls. The easiest way to do this is with stencils. Paint the walls a mint green or powder blue color–both make a great canvas for flowers. Once that is dry, place the stencils on the wall and paint the flowers using bright colors, such as pink and orange. This is a cheery look for a youngster’s room. Or you can go for murals. That’s for sure. Even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, you can paint a mural on the wall of your child’s room or hire a local artist to paint one for you. Choose an artist experienced in mural painting, as the preparation and other requirements of mural painting differ from, say, oil painting. Professional muralists often charge by the square foot. You may be able to negotiate a discounted rate if you do the preparation work, which may include a fresh coat of white paint or painting the background color.

If you prefer the do-it-yourself approach, choose a simple design. There also are kits that come with everything you need to paint a mural, turning the wall into a big paint-by-numbers project. It’s not as hard as you think–just read the directions carefully, choose a mural your child will love for at least a few years, and cover anything you don’t want spattered with paint. Then, how about chalkboard paint? Chalkboard paint is relatively inexpensive when compared with a mural. This novelty paint turns the wall into a fully functional chalkboard. Paint just one wall or paint the whole room with chalkboard paint–from kid-height down. This wall paint idea should keep your children from drawing on the rest of your house’s walls.

mural painting ideas for kids bedroomsMural Painting Ideas For Kids Bedrooms

And the other painting ideas for kids bedrooms? Choose a theme and colors for your child’s room that includes letters such as the alphabet, animal names, positive phrases or numbers. Paint the walls in a light version of a color that goes with the theme — light green would go well with an animal theme. Buy wooden letters from a craft store and paint them to match the theme. For example, the word “tiger” can be painted in a tiger stripe. If you’re doing your child’s name or positive phrases, the color options are endless, but you should choose opposing or light and dark colors for the wall and letters to make sure the letters stand out. Hang the painted letters on the wall at different levels around the room to create visual appeal. Ok, these were some ideas for you. Choose the best and above all, personalize the room to suit your child.

adorable painting ideas for kids bedrooms chalkboard painting ideas for kids bedrooms mural painting ideas for kids bedrooms

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