Great ideas for Private Backyard Designs

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Homeowners search for the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood with a great backyard for barbeques and family fun. A home that is already prebuilt may not have a private backyard, which is essential for boundaries, aids in security and offers noise reduction from neighbors. If you want to build your own private backyard retreat, there are some ideas for private backyard designs. Below are some great ideas for private backyard designs for your serenity and comfort.

Excellent Ideas for Private Backyard Designs

Here are several ideas for private backyard designs. First of all, using trees and shrubs. The right trees create a lot of privacy, but trees do need a lot of room to spread out. Plant larger trees closer to corners of your fence so the the tree can cover a lot more space. This creates a private nook within the corners of your yard. Plant trees in a row along your fence, but provide each tree with enough room to spread. You can also pair trees with other plants if you prefer more variety in your yard. Boxwood trees flower in the spring and summer months, but some varieties bloom all year long. Most types grow 15 to 30 feet tall. Some citrus trees such as lemon and grapefruit can grow more than 10 feet tall depending on the variety. Citrus trees do well in warm areas like Arizona, California, Florida and New Mexico. Boxwood trees thrive the most in the Pacific Northwest and Eastern states.

fence for private backyard designs

Fence For Private Backyard Designs

On the other hand, you can choose dense, hardy shrubs such as boxwood shrubs or Japanese maple varieties. These shrubs grow well in most areas, and they produce quite a bit of privacy as they gain height over the years. Avoid dwarf or small types, instead select medium to large shrubs that exceed 6 feet tall when full grown. Some boxwood shrubs can grow over 10 feet tall. The height in addition to the thick foliage is what is going to give you the privacy you crave in your yard. Most shrubs take several years to grow large, so buy these shrubs as a long-term investment or look for varieties that are already quite tall at the plant nursery. Another ideas for private backyard designs are use fences and bamboo. A tall privacy fence is the traditional means of reinstating the sanctity of your patch of land. Most privacy fences are 6 feet tall and are wooden, although there are also vinyl fences that offer greater longevity and easier maintenance. You can choose to include a gate that allows access to the front yard, or you can restrict access to the backyard by making it accessible only through the house. Most of your other privacy options will begin with at least a traditional chain link fence on which the other privacy options have room to build.

awesome ideas for private backyard designs

Awesome Ideas For Private Backyard Designs

simple ideas private backyard designs

Simple Ideas Private Backyard Designs

trees for private backyard designs

Trees For Private Backyard Designs

Bamboo grows quickly in many climates and requires very little care. Depending on the variety, it can grow to be quite tall, providing your home with both privacy and shade. It provides a quick, dense solution to privacy, and it is a spot solution for a particular area of your yard that needs more coverage than other areas. However, because it grows with such vigor, a comprehensive planting around your yard may give you more privacy than you wanted. Or you can Install a gazebo in your private backyard designs. This little nook can create an additional area for you to enjoy your morning coffee or watch your kids play. The walls are closed on most sides and open in the front, but you can see through the gaps within the wood. Use this area as a private space for you and your spouse to sit together or have family picnics outside in the gazebo. These ideas can help you to get started, but it’s really up to you. You need to come up with the features of your private backyard that will help to relax you and provide you with the escape that you want, as that’s what the sanctuary is all about!

awesome ideas for private backyard designs fence for private backyard designs simple ideas private backyard designs trees for private backyard designs

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